Sunday, August 18, 2013

rare francoise hardy pictures

Lord knows i've spent hours upon hours to possibly days of time enchanted by pictures of the ye-ye songstress Francoise Hardy. I don't search for them as much recently in past years since its been awhile since I found anything new. That changed when I joined this Facebook group where people post scans and tons of new images daily. Thanks to these wonderful folks I have a rekindled obsession. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

what is up with the smurf  garlands? note to self to get around to compiling a post of random novelty 60's tv music sets

After going through these pictures (about a million times) its enough to make you feel invited to see new sides of her besides the production pictures that came with a record pressing. I don't know, I think she is the most enchanting woman ever captured on film.

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  1. i love her so much! She is so stunning and has the best style. -Alecia