Friday, December 7, 2012

Emma Stone / Severe Acne

Apparently I underestimated the power of make up. In this interview with Refinery 29 Emma Stone reveals she suffers from cystic hormonal acne to this day, and even had her acne edited out of Easy A. Who knew? Its pretty awesome that she talks about it so (seemingly) shamelessly. I would love to see her do a top shelf post on the acne products and make up tricks her team uses.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

things i'm thankful for (personal edition)

a new place
a new kitty (to be)
& a new start

also the things that have been getting me through this seemingly never-ending cold : cough syrup, my dog and her heating pad, baby's breath flowers, and hot baths.

here's to having a safe and healthy holiday xo

Monday, November 12, 2012

for those days when its too hot to feel like autumn

another visual list of little things

open windows
ticket stubs

found pages typed on a typewriter

daytime moons

camera shutters
William Robert Symonds The Princess and The Frog
Lula Mag / Ballet Shoes
long hair
pressing flowers
francoise hardy
learning your camera inside and out
intro credits
view finders
pretty kitchen counters
inviting porches with potted plants

some of my favorite happy lists

coca-cola, white sheets, fluffy cats, rainy windows, the countryside, heartbreak, poems, kissing, nightswimming, laughing in bed, midnight snacks

Friday, November 9, 2012

November mood

You guys, I kind of hate the month of November. Halloween is over, Christmas is too far away and though its great- my Thanksgiving plans are having dinner with my tiny family (just my parents and me). I made a mood board this morning to pull myself out of the November slumps and to get inspired to find things I love about this month. Then it occurred to me November is all about giving thanks (duh). I found a copy of 10,000 Things To Be Happy About at the thrift store yesterday and though its really cheesy - its inspired me to start documenting little things I appreciate day to day. And I guess this month is the perfect time for this exercise.

here's a visual list of things I love about this month
thigh high socks, tea, and working from bed

staying in on a rainy day

cozy meets witchy
wearing my hood up
exploring the city in the cold
keeping an open mind
reading in a bookstore with someone
watching old movies (this image is from Au Hasard Balthazar)
snuggling under a ton of blankets

getting the guts to go out and do stuff by myself

honoring Carl Sagan - Happy Birthday man
red and yellow leaves
girl friends
actually being in the mood to stay in and work
lattes "for here"
being shamelessly nostagalic
and the thrilling reassurance that Obama will be president for a 2nd term